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Victoria Gastro Pub

Stopped in here for a a casual Sunday afternoon lunch and a few beers.    This isn’t the first time we’ve been here but I’ve never written about it before.   Alex, the bar manager, keeps an incredible beer list.   I really dig seeing something new every time I stop in.   This trip, on draught, I encountered Allagash Hugh Malone and Troegs Nugget Nectar – both very tasty.   My only complaint – all the beers are high octane!   I would prefer a few few more session beverages. Victoria Gastro Pub on Urbanspoon
Now to eating – I had a Mushroom and Swiss KOBE burger.   Exceptional, full flavored burger; couple that with smoked paprika fries and I can’t imagine a better lunch.  My wife had the roasted beet salad, with blue cheese and toasted nuts.    She was very pleased with the salad and remarked that it was nice that it wasn’t dripping in dressing and it was a good value.  
My take: definitely a place to check out.   I like the bar better than the dining room.   Some of the food can be a little over the top but the draught and bottle list is worth a stop alone.  Other reviews here.