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Sushi Sono

Sushi Sono.   Not much else to say other than this is easily the best, unpretentious straight-forward sushi house around.    On a recent visit, my wife and I both had the miso soup and shared a tuna tataki appetizer (lightly seared with a scallion, vinegar & ponzu sauce).    The salmon sashimi along with the tuna sashimi were of the highest quality.    I thought the special live scallops sashimi was exceptional.   Are you a sushi newbie?   No worries ā€“ they serve great maki (rolls) too. Sushi Sono on Urbanspoon
The 22 oz servings of Kirin Ichiban or Sapporo are the icing on the cake!   I hope to expand into some Sake in the near future as I know little about this beverage.
Donā€™t believe me how fantastic this place is?  Check out the list of recognitions they have put together ā€“ simply stunning.  More reviews here.